Roberts Engineering PLLC is a Small Business Enterprise, offering structural engineering design and consulting services. Since 1991, Roberts Engineering has completed more than 1,500 structural engineering projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Ohio.

Roberts Engineering design solutions have been recognized as:

“an innovative method … This cut installation time to two days per digester. It also provided a safer work environment.”
“a workable alternative that would simplify construction, shorten the construction schedule substantially and result in cost savings.”

Responsiveness and the ability to provide cost effective solutions resulted in being retained to provide Structural Engineering consultation on several challenging emergency contracts including serving as a member of the Kingdome Blue Ribbon Panel for which Ronald Roberts service was recognized by the Blue Ribbon Panel Chair Robert Mast:

“First, I want to say that all of us that participated on the Blue Ribbon Panel and in the repair work appreciated Ron’s involvement and his practical approach to getting the job done in the difficult circumstances that existed at the time…”

Roberts Engineering developed the emergency removal plan for the Norman Bridge for King County’s Department of Transportation for which our team received a written commendation from King County’s Bridges and Structures Unit, King County’s Environmental Services Unit, and King County’s Construction Management Unit.

“During the course of the project, we observed your team’s dedication to getting the job done. By taking the innovative engineering approach in response to the emergency described in the County’s Request for Proposal, your team’s tireless dedication and commitment to overcoming obstacles along the way ensured the safe and successful removal of the bridge. Furthermore, the unique removal strategy….delivered the project on time and under budget and saved King County’s citizens over $300,000 — 40 percent — over other proposals….On behalf of its citizens, King County and its employees gratefully acknowledge your service.”

Having earned “Outstanding” ratings on several earlier Seattle Public Utilities Contracts, Roberts Engineering was called on to provide services for the Emergency Evaluation of Mercer Island Supply Pipeline project (SPU C00-031) and the Tolt 2 Phase 6A Road Repair (SPU C02-023) to arrest movement in a failing slope that threatened the Tolt Reservoir access road. Subsequently, Seattle’s Fleets and Facilities Department retained Roberts Engineering to perform on call Structural Services at Fire and Police Stations and roof repairs at the “Sunny Jim” warehouse facility.
Roberts Engineering recently participated in structural assessments of Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Everett and Bellingham (as a subsconsultant to Carollo Engineers) and has completed the structural design of new water and wastewater related facilities including:

  • Carnation Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration Basins, Headworks Building, Chemical Storage Facilities and Standpipe Foundation
  • Bend, OR, Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Building
  • Medford, OR Settlement Basins
  • King County, Densmore Air Vent Structure
  • King County 53rd Avenue Pump Station Expansion
  • King County South Plant Sodium Hypochlorite Containment and Pump Buildings
  • King County West Point Sodium Hypochlorite Containment and Delivery Systems
  • City of Lacey, Well Station No. 4 Pump Station
  • City of Ellensburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Boil Building.

Recent work for general and specialty contractors include steel and precast erection planning for the Seattle Flight Museum’s Space Shuttle Gallery and the Federal Court House in Billings, MT. Time critical engineering to M. A. Mortenson Company’s Cheney Stadium remodel project included developing the means of supporting the existing grandstand structures during partial demolition and reconstruction of much of the existing stadium structure and foundations.

A long history and repeat projects with many clients (over 89% of revenue resulted from repeat clients) provides further evidence of Roberts Engineering’s ability to meet their schedule and budget with creative yet practical engineering solutions.

Husky Stadium Roof Demolition
We designed a gantry crane system to raise glass panels for the $100 million, Space Needle remodel. Click on image for link to video. Photo credit Jim Reitz Photography.
We engineered the complicated erection plan and custom lifting devices for the erection of 165,000 lb precast concrete “Y columns” and precast cladding components for the 2&U Project in downtown Seattle. Click on image for link to video.